Day 4: All’uovo Pasta with brown butter, chicken livers and sage


This dish had been waining on my mind since I got to Paris! I could see it so so clearly, how it looks and how it tasted, what went where and why each component was so important. The chicken livers however were not the easiest to find! But when we finally found some, I was so excited to get into the kitchen to get my flavours and visualisations on to the plate.


One of my great loves is rolling pasta. I just love it. I could do it all day. Theres nothing like that silky thin sheet you achieve from kneading the dough just right and the rich yellow from the most perfect French eggs.

For this particular dish I wanted to roll out sheets that would fold and drape over and beneath the livers and brown butter sauce. Once the pasta was drying on the rack, I moved onto the livers. I trimmed them and set them on some paper towel to soak up the extra moisture. In a hot pan I browned some butter with a few fresh cloves of garlic, added more baby onions and a handful of sage until they were coated in the butter and started to crisp up. I turned the heat down a little and then added the livers seasoned with salt and pepper to where I could see contact space on the pan. I turned the livers once to keep their juiciness and basted with the bubbling butter.

The dish was finished with a sprinkling of pickled capers, fresh parsley, a squeeze of lemon and pepper. It was missing a few good shavings of parmigiano but no matter.. duly noted for next time!