Its taken me a while to come to terms with the fact that I won't be seeing you for a long time. Of course I am eager with excitement to be led by open heart into an ocean of new experiences, places and people. Am I scared? Maybe a little... But wow, I am leaving a city that has shaped a lot of what I know and believe. One that has seen me through some of the most challenging and victorious moments of my life, a city where I learnt what it meant to love yourself, to love what you do and that alone can speak volumes. I can't help but feel like I am graduating once again, squeaky clean into a world that never looked so big before. Perhaps this time with a better sense of purpose, self and some pretty terrific memories. 

Melbourne, I've come home to you for so long, shared endless meals with you, learnt to cook with you, hung out in the park with you, had many wines at the City Wine Shop with you, made art and talked till late with just you. Oh! and how could I forget ping pong in the yard!? You're the city that saw me through seven birthdays, two bike accidents and an undeterminable number of outfit changes. You love to collaborate and you celebrate the success of others. You are supportive. I'll never forget our adventures to beaches and all the adventures in your car. And Melbourne, you inspire me with your great style. 

Returning at the beginning of this year, I was reminded of what it is like to be nowhere else but home. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I knew I could slip into the front door of our beautiful terrace home where we have a huge kitchen for all the cooking, eating and laughing. Where I had my own room and all my things. I loved bumping into familiar faces on the street, hearing that Aussie twang and all the big hugs! I craved guilty pleasures at the pub like pints of beer and chicken parmas. And at home like packet chips and avocado with Vegemite on toast. I missed the Melbourne I came to refer to as family. But even though I had finally made it home, something was not the same.

When your mind welcomes finality and sends it off as the r.s.v.p. to your life's next party, you begin to change your outlook on the routine you once knew. I didn't realise it at first but I spoke differently, I walked differently, wore my clothes and make up differently and also began to see the expiry date on special moments with loved ones flash like huge neon lights in my periphery. I was now a visitor soon to be leaving, nothing left to lose and I feel alive!


Melbourne it is with the warmest smile that I say goodbye, I have a head buzzing full of ideas and the widest of eyes ready to make you proud. I am so lucky to have you to miss. Keep in touch and I'll see you real soon!