The most exciting part about foraging is being able to identify and taste something as it is in the wild. For me, there is nothing more exhilarating than spending an afternoon aimlessly strolling through lush, verdant terrain in search of treasures from the Earths bearing. Nothing beats the victory had when coming across a little sprig of fennel flower to chew, lavender to pocket, sweet blackberries or better yet, figs in abundance!

Whilst in Europe, I found fig trees and their famously royal fruit adorning streets of many countryside villages. They would be trickled down roadsides and along pavements. Some of the hotter days during this particular summer on my very tip toes; I would reach for figs so ripe that their insides had been macerated into jam.

The figs as they are will no doubt satisfy any sweet tooth but my personal suggestion is to spread onto hot buttered toast for a very indulgent treat.

Almonds and hazelnuts are equally sensational to forage. The barbaric smashing of the shell to reveal an untainted nut makes their find all the more deserving.

Other finds include herbs of rosemary, thyme and sage. Like honey is unique to it’s location, so are these particular herbs. Sweet in some parts, musky in others, some I found were peaty, others I found earthy and bitter. All in all you’d find a purpose for each. These aromas will no doubt have you hankering for a roast or throwing bundles into burnt butter to eat with fresh Gnocchi.

When you open your understanding of what is around you, it’s impossible to walk into the wild without stopping to appreciate treats of the land. This is a post I hope to continue and develop as I travel and discover new edibles of the wild.