My arrival to Barcelona this past summer was duly highlighted by my visits to this organic vegetable farm of friend and farmer Gilad Buzi. Aurora farm, located in the town of Ocata, just outside of Barcelona boasts some of the tastiest produce I have ever eaten.

It is not often you get to pick cherry tomatoes off the vine as sweet as here nor walk through a field of pumpkins lovingly nestled in their nursery. To say this place is inspiring would be an understatement. Gilad has a love for the Earth like no other farmer I have met before. Everyday there is a new idea for cultivation or a way to change to perception of diners by showing them best of what taking care of our Earth, bodies and food has to offer.

Every visit to the farm would end in a feast with the farmers and deep conversations on understanding our food system. The farm is a generous place that urges for nothing more than the involvement of community. I had the pleasure of cooking at the farm for Gilad and his farmers and when your pantry is right outside the window stretching kilometres out to the end of the hill, you have to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed with excitement.

Aurora Farm is open everyday from 10am till 6pm. Opportunities for woofing and visitations are an easy email or phone call away. If you decide to pay this magical place a visit, I hope it leaves in you the satisfaction of real good food it left in me.

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